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3 Reasons Why Holiday Proposals are the Best

Christmas Holiday Proposal Engagement - Destination Beach Wedding | Florida Sun Weddings

It’s that time of year, where we cuddle up with our loved ones, enjoy Hallmark’s finest holiday movies and make special memories we will never forget. Many couples make the season even more special with holiday proposals and engagement celebrations. The holidays are the most popular time of year to get engaged, and here are the top 3 reasons why according to our team of experienced wedding planners:

Reason 1: You’re Surrounded by Loved Ones

What better audience is there for your holiday proposal than your family and friends? Your loved ones can witness and rejoice in one of the most important moments of your life (and easily catch it on camera too!). ‘Tis the season for love and cheer, and your new engagement will make this season even more memorable.

Reason 2: Unforgettable Memories

A Christmas or holiday proposal is unforgettable.  For years to come, you can relive the memories of your holiday engagement.  From the sights and sounds of Christmas to the fireworks of New Year’s Eve, there’s no better time of year to celebrate your love for one another.

Reason 3: New Year, New Chapter

A holiday proposal means you get to start the New Year committed to a new chapter in your life: engagement and wedding planning. Engagement is an exciting and thrilling time as you plan your wedding and your future life together. Kick off your New Year with one main resolution: plan your dream wedding and enjoy the journey!

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