Beach Wedding Attire: What Do I Wear?

Beach Wedding Attire by Florida Sun Weddings

You’re either considering booking a beach wedding in Florida or you have already booked, and now realizing that you aren’t sure what the proper beach wedding attire might be for your special day! Fear no more, because Florida Sun Weddings is here to help give you expert advice on what you could wear to your destination beach wedding in Florida. Here’s the secret… Be comfortable!

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Beach Wedding Attire Tips

Whether barefoot or decked out, we recommend that your beach wedding attire be whatever you feel most comfortable in. Beach weddings in Florida provide a romantic setting for both casual and elegant weddings. Regardless, guests and the wedding couple should dress comfortably, with practical considerations for the weather and location.

Here are some tips on dressing for beach weddings in Florida:

  • Sunscreen! Even if it’s an overcast or cloudy day, everyone at a beach wedding should be wearing sunscreen. Be respectful of the people around you, and find a sunscreen without a fragrance or with a subtle scent. 
  • Sunglasses, but remember to take them off for photos. (Note to grooms – let your bride see your eyes during the ceremony!)
  • Don’t go barefoot for mid-day weddings – the sand gets hot after a few hours of heavy sun. Flat sandals are the best shoes to wear to a beach wedding on hot summer days. If the sand is cool though, barefoot is always acceptable for beach weddings too.
To help you decide on your beach wedding attire, here are some examples from our Florida Sun Wedding couples:

Beach Wedding Attire for Brides

Don’t let the beach location hold you back from wearing your dream wedding dress. With over 20 years of wedding planning experience, we’ve seen brides walk the sandy aisle in sweet and simple beach dresses, pant suits, and traditional wedding gowns with long trains. As with the grooms, make sure you’re dressed comfortably for the weather. We recommend avoiding high heels at beaches with softer sand. Kick off your shoes and enjoy the sun, sand and beautiful ocean view. It’s not often that you get to experience such an amazing day with the one you love while your worries drift off into the horizon and the Florida sky molds your memories.

Beach Wedding Attire for Grooms

At Florida Sun Weddings, we’ve seen grooms dressed in anything from casual khaki pants or shorts and  short-sleeve shirts, to a formal 3-piece suit. Beach wedding attire for grooms depends on the tone for the wedding, while considering the typical temperature during your wedding month. For groom’s shoes, you really can’t go wrong whether barefoot, in sandals or in loafers. 

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Bridal Party Attire for Beach Weddings

What should your bridal party wear to a beach wedding? As with the wedding couple, the bridal party should dress for comfort. Flowy dresses and linen shirts are beach wedding staples for a reason – you don’t want your bridesmaids and groomsmen drowning in sweat during your ceremony. With that said, we’ve seen a variety of bridal party outfits at Florida beach weddings. Couples may choose to blend in with the beach setting in neutrals and pastels, or they may embrace bright colors reminiscent of the sunset or the ocean. The beach setting shouldn’t limit your bridal party attire options.

Here is some bridal party outfit inspiration for beach weddings:

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