Eloping in Florida: The Do’s & Don’ts

Eloping in Florida | Beach Elopement in Sarasota Venice Siesta Key

Whether the idea of a big wedding isn’t your taste or you and your fiancé are just the spontaneous type, eloping in Florida with a beach wedding can be a fun and unforgettable experience for your wedding day. Whatever your justified reason, it’s important to make sure your elopement is more of a breeze than a drag. Planning a quick getaway can be tough, but the Florida Sun Weddings team has you covered with these quick “Do’s & Don’ts” on a wedding experience that we have plenty of experience with!

DO: Go with Experienced & Reputable

Because your beach wedding will be turned around quickly, you want to be sure that you find a team that is affordable and also has years of experience that can help you with all the essentials as well as the little details. The Florida Sun Weddings team has decades of experience in all wedding ceremonies and has numerous vendors that we can recommend for all of your needs without breaking the bank. Whether it’s an affordable wedding photographer to capture the moment or a beach wedding poised hair stylist to get you ready for that moment to be captured, we’re ready to make your elope a breeze all while staying in your budget.

DON’T: Elope Somewhere Boring

Why is Florida one of the most popular locations to get married? It could be the romantic feel of a simple ceremony in the sand. It could be the radiant horizons and skylines that we get on a daily basis. It could even be the array of attractions we have near the Gulf Coast! The point is, we have several things to do in Florida while you’re eloping to make it a full experience of love, fun and relaxation!

DO: Remember it’s Your Wedding

You’re eloping for a reason that likely involves simplicity and intimacy. It’s important to remember that you should have the power (rightfully so) to tailor your beach wedding package to your liking. An experienced and reputable team will help you tailor your ceremony to fit your personal style and do everything in their power to make your day just how you hoped.

DON’T: Downplay Your Elopement

Just because you are spontaneous, adventurous, or just want a small intimate wedding, doesn’t mean you should downplay the importance of what will be the happiest and most unforgettable days of your life. Your selection of an experienced & reputable beach wedding planner will help you connect with the right vendors and help provide fun ideas for your ceremony. The gorgeous atmosphere of one of our many incredible Gulf Coast beaches will only make your day more luxurious. And finally, the most important piece to something so incredible beautiful is the love between you and your fiancé!

To get a quote and talk to someone from the Florida Sun Weddings team about what you want for your elopement, contact us today through our website or by calling us at 941-320-3364!

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