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Behind the Scenes: What Goes into a Florida Beach Wedding?

Bride and Groom in Traditional Beach Wedding Attire - Barefoot on the Beach Watching the Waves - Florida Beach Wedding Ceremonies and Photography

Between the time our lovely couples select their beach wedding package and say “I do”, the Florida Sun Weddings team is hard at work making their dream a reality. So what all goes on behind the scenes of your soon-to-be Florida Beach Wedding Ceremony? Here are just a few main things our team does behind the scenes to help make your big day better than you could ever imagine!

Step by Step Guidance from Day 1

From the moment our couples book their Florida beach wedding, we are there to support them with all their important decisions moving forward. Whether it’s a year out from the wedding date or a few weeks, our team of seasoned wedding planners have an endless amount of recommendations for wedding vendors and travel plans. All it takes is a quick email or phone call and your Florida beach wedding experts are there to help and provide local advice about Southwest Florida and potential vendors for hair/make-up, restaurants, attractions, venues and much more.

Small Details that Make the Difference

A part of our job that brings our couples’ wedding day to the finish line with perfection is intense behind the scenes work on the day of your Florida beach wedding. We take on the stress of navigating set-up issues and visuals so you don’t have to. Having at least two team members on-site hours prior to the wedding, we are constantly taking care of positioning, decoration, and much more that you’ll never have to worry about.

The Florida Sun Weddings team brings a unique touch to every beach wedding and helps you tailor to your liking for the perfect day. Start your search with Florida’s largest selection of beach wedding packages today! We can’t wait to bring you into the family!

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