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Planning a Beach Wedding During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Don’t delay your big day – celebrate your love in an intimate and memorable way with a Florida beach minimony or mini-wedding ceremony.

Planning a wedding is hard enough without the added stress and complications of COVID-19. How can you plan a wedding during a pandemic, with strict group limitations, social distancing and closed venues? Engaged couples around the world are struggling with these challenges, being forced to cancel or postpone their weddings unexpectedly due to COVID-19. The reopening of Florida beaches presents a perfect opportunity for engaged couples hoping to get married during the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you want to get married this summer, consider celebrating your wedding with a private elopement ceremony or a “minimony” for a small group of family or friends. Minimonies and micro-weddings have become a popular solution for many engaged couples during the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. Rather than delaying your wedding day any more, you can choose a memorable mini-wedding on a sunny Florida Gulf Coast beach. Then you can plan a larger wedding celebration with all your family and friends on a later date.

Minimonies or mini-ceremonies are a great solution for couples who can’t wait to be married and Florida Gulf Coast beaches are the perfect venue! These mini wedding ceremonies typically consist of 10 people or less (including the couple and officiant), which meets current Coronavirus guidelines. With Florida beaches reopened, the sunny Gulf Coast provides a beautiful backdrop and affordable option for your wedding ceremony.

At Florida Sun Weddings, we offer all-inclusive beach wedding ceremony packages that can be customized for smaller groups. Review our wedding packages and contact us today to start planning your Florida beach wedding ceremony.

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