Custom Beach Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Once you have chosen your beach wedding package and design theme, you can customize your ceremony with the unique beach wedding decoration options below (pricing may vary). Choose the color for your trellis fabric and chair sashes, and select from a variety of themed aisle decorations.


Choose Your Own


Our beach wedding ceremony packages include white resin garden chairs for your seated guests. Chairs are decorated with a sash in the color/material of your choice. If your selected wedding design includes a fabric-covered trellis, you can also customize that fabric choice. 


Create Your Custom Beach Wedding Theme

Aisle Decorations

Adorn the aisle with themed beach wedding decorations. From elegant white lanterns or kissing balls to tropical ivory shell lanterns or starfish with raffia, we have a variety of decoration options to make your ceremony even more special. Florida Sun Wedding Ceremony Packages include at least 1 aisle decoration of your choosing (unless otherwise noted). Additional aisle decorations are available for $75 each.     

shepherd's hooks with black lanterns

Black Lanterns with Candles on Shepherd’s Hooks

(Carpet & silk rose petals are an additional fee)

white lanterns 1

White Lanterns with Candles & Greenery on Shepherd’s Hooks

Mason Jars | Florida Sun Weddings

Mason Jars with Shells & Flowers on Shepherd’s Hooks

(Carpet & fresh-cut greenery are an additional fee)

White Kissing Balls on Shepherd's Hooks

White Kissing Balls on Shepherd’s Hooks

(Silk ferns are an additional fee)

Wooden Markers with French Flower Buckets

Bamboo Marker with Manila Rope

Bamboo Markers with Manila Rope & Dune Grass

Starfish Raffia hanging on chairs

Starfish with Strands of Raffia on Chairs

chrome shell bamboo lanterns

Bamboo, Chrome & Ivory Shell Lanterns on Shepherd’s Hooks

Aisle Runners

At your beach wedding ceremony, you can choose to walk through the natural soft sand or, for an additional cost, along a white, pink or purple carpet runner. Options vary based on design theme.

Pink and White Elegance Beach Wedding Ceremony Set in Florida Gulf Coast, Sarasota
Bright Pink Florida Beach Wedding Ceremony Design | Destination Wedding
Purple and White Beach Wedding Ceremony Setup with Seats in a Circle Around the Couple
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