The Story of Scott Clark: Beach Wedding Officiant

In between your beach wedding ceremony set-up and music selection you may have forgotten one very important detail: your beach wedding officiant. It’s something that can sometimes go under the radar but often becomes one of the most memorable things for our couples on their wedding day. After all, it’s the person who officially brings you together with the person who you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

Scott Clark is one of those officiants that becomes an unforgettable staple to your wedding day. Having been the Chaplin for the Pittsburgh Pirates and working as a beach wedding officiant with Florida Sun Weddings for several years, we wanted to give him the opportunity to share his story so you too can get to know him as well as all of the couples of the past that have absolutely love him!

Scott Clark’s Story: Beach Wedding Officiant

I grew up in a small town in Illinois near Champaign. After graduating from high school, I attended Lincoln Christian College from 1984-1988.

I was married in 1990 and worked as a caseworker for the State of Illinois DCFS until my wife finished college. We then moved to a few towns where I started as a youth minister and finally a Senior Pastor. We had our two children, now 21 and 24 while ministering in Illinois. Following the completion of myMaster’s Degree from Kentucky Christian University, we decided to move to Bradenton, FL. where we started a Christian Church in 1998. Over a span of a decade we grew from 50 to 500 in attendance and purchased 25 acres of land and built a multi-million dollar church building which a story was published in USA Today. I’ve had the pleasure of serving as a Senior Pastor, Trustee of a Christian College in Kissimmee, FL, and served as the chaplain for the Pittsburgh Pirates for several years while here for spring training.

After completing a beach wedding ceremony on Siesta Key Beach in 2004, I bumped into Tina, Mark, and Sigrid from Florida Sun Weddings. They asked for my card and asked if they ever needed me, would I be willing to perform a wedding for them. I never would have guessed that accidental conversation would have led to one of the greatest experiences of my life. Over the years I’ve grown to consider them family. I’ve had the privilege of doing hundreds of weddings with them over the years and I can honestly say they are the best.  I’ve worked with other companies and vendors and no one comes close to their integrity, attention to detail, knowledge of the area, wedding business, and the genuine care given to every couple.I think what I enjoy most about Florida is the sunshine, the beautiful beaches where I remain active exercising and doing triathlons, and performing weddings. I truly love interacting with families during the most beautiful time of their lives. One beach wedding I’ll never forget was with a couple from Belgium. We had the opportunity to meet for a meal to plan their wedding ceremony and seemed to hit it off. A year following their wedding I received an email from them letting me know they had a boy and gave him my name as his middle name. They continue to send me pictures and we meet every time they are in Florida. Some of my most memorable, fun, funny and touching experiences have occurred while working as a beach wedding officiant with Florida Sun Weddings!

As you can tell from Scott’s story, he’s extremely humbled regarding all of the amazing work he has done through out his career as well as being our beach wedding officiant. We are very happy to be able to call him part of the Florida Sun Weddings family and are excited for the many other couples he will have the honor of officiating for.

If you’re interested in a Florida beach wedding, contact us today to have us start coordinating your beach wedding and become the newest members of the Florida Sun Weddings family!

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