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Today we want to address a very important question all brides ask before their beach wedding: “Do I do my own hair and makeup? Do I have my best friend take it on?” or “Do I go to a salon my mother or mother-in-law has been going to for the past 20 plus years?”.

The answer is simple. You should seek the help of a professional bridal hair and makeup artist. Specially trained for weddings held in all elements, it’s important to select a hair and makeup professional that gives you confidence and contributes to making your wedding day a breeze. Florida Sun Weddings  has over 20 years of experience planning beach weddings on the Florida Gulf Coast. We know all the best local hair stylists and make up artists, and will help connect you with your best choice.

Because you will be exposed to the elements of the Florida beach, the heat, humidity, and even the breeze can ruin your hair style if not done correctly. You might see a beautiful picture in a magazine, which is nothing but a staged photo shoot, but the reality is completely different once you walk down the aisle. Because you’ll be embracing the incredible horizon and atmosphere of the sunny Florida Gulf Coast, we don’t want you to have to worry about your hair staying perfect and makeup running. This is all part of making your wedding unforgettable in a GOOD way.

Imagine your left arm embraced by your escort (in most cases your dad’s), your right arm is holding a beautiful bouquet and all of a sudden, your veil is covering your face because of a sudden wind gust. Loose hair is sticking to your lipstick and you can’t do anything about it. That’s the last thing you should have to worry about!

Your professional wedding stylist however will gently advise you on what will be the best look for you and will make sure those moments never have to cross your mind. You want to walk down the aisle looking as perfect as when you left your hotel all the way to the end of the evening and we have the perfect recommendation to make that happen.

There should be no mishaps during your entire Florida beach wedding ceremony, if everything has been done correctly. We often suggest to our brides, if their times allows, to have a trial period prior to their wedding so they can be stress free and enjoy that special part of their important day. To entrust yourself into the hands of a “stranger” might sound scary at first, but if it is the right person and you “click” the rest will be a breeze!

Linda Shepard from “A Victorian Bride” has helped so many brides look perfect on their wedding days. We cannot stress enough the importance of having your hair and make up done by a professional Beach Wedding Specialist, you will NOT regret it.

Linda Shepard is the “go to “hair and make up artist for your beach wedding here in Southwest Florida! Not only does she know the Florida heat, humidity, and all elements of a beach ceremony, she is a genuine, caring person that will calm any brides nerves and give them the confidence they need when it comes to their style. Linda is also extremely flexible. In the event of inclement weather, she will do her best to juggle her day for our brides.

In the Words of Linda: As a professional hair and make

up artist for over 25 years, I tune in and listen to the ideas the brides have for their hair & makeup.  I ask for pictures of what the bride envisions her “look” to be on her wedding day.  I also like to see my brides wedding dress, jewelry she’s wearing, color of her dress, color and theme of the wedding, the bridesmaids and MOB dresses., etc. It is the whole encompassing picture and not just a small glimpse of her look that I believe helps her stand out and look as beautiful as ever.

My ultimate goal is to make all of my brides happy, feel beautiful inside and out, and comfortable in their own skin when they walk down the aisle to meet their groom. It is very important to me to start the weddings early so that the bride is relaxed and reaches all her goals such as pictures and ceremony on time! I remain calm, smile and retain my sense of humor in a very stressful and hectic day.  The calmness I exude washes over to my brides, and they in turn thank me for calming them down and making the preparation of their day a fun experience!

When putting your team together for your very special day, make sure you have a fabulous hair and make up artist to start the day, a wonderful beach wedding photographer and a beautiful beach ceremony set designed by your Florida Sun Weddings team!

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