2022 Sarasota Beach Weddings at a Glance

Bamboo Arch Arbor for Sarasota Beach Wedding Ceremony

Beach wedding ceremonies are a beautiful and safe way to commemorate your vows to one another. Although the height of the pandemic is past us, it’s still important to opt for outdoor activities and socially distance when possible. Venice and Sarasota beach weddings  check all the boxes. Our experienced team of wedding planners are here to answer your questions about planning a Sarasota beach wedding in 2022. 


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What are some 2022/2023 Sarasota beach wedding trends?

Fatigued by the pandemic, many couples are looking to celebrate life, health and love in big ways. Taking comfort in the outdoor setting, many couples are now increasing their guest count (moving away from the micro-wedding popularity of 2021). Couples are also more willing to travel for their Florida destination weddings now, and inviting friends and family to join their wedding vacation. 

When it comes to the ceremony design, the biggest wedding trend of 2022 has been minimalism. Looking for a chic boho beach wedding ceremony? Our Modern Bohemian Package has bohemian vibes with a minimalist approach. Looking for a more traditional arbor? Our Tropical Breeze Package has been very popular because of it’s simplicity and versatility. We can easily change the drape and sash colors to personalize your ceremony.

Red and Pink Sarasota Beach Wedding

How many guests can I invite to a beach wedding ceremony?

The Florida Sun Weddings team can accommodate large wedding ceremonies with over 150 guests. In fact, one of the great things about Sarasota beach weddings is the access to less crowded and spacious sandy beaches. When you talk with our wedding planners, they will discuss which Sarasota and Venice beach locations might be best suited for your ceremony.

Sarasota Beach Wedding 2022 White and Pink

How can I avoid crowds for my Sarasota beach wedding ceremony?

Florida Sun Weddings has over 20 years of experience planning Sarasota and Venice Beach Weddings. With that experience, comes a familiarity with the beaches, vendors, weather patterns, and popularity. To avoid crowds, we recommend getting married in the spring or fall. We also encourage you to consider morning ceremonies or even weekdays if you’re concerned about crowds. 

Our team sets up the ceremony seating and arch early so beach-goers know a ceremony will be taking place. Also, our photographer, Cristina Gebel, makes every effort to keep large crowds out of your wedding photos.  

Are masks required for Florida beach weddings in 2022?

No, the state of Florida does not require face masks. It’s recommended to socially distance when possible, keep large gatherings outside, and take extra precautions if immunocompromised. 

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