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Affordable beach weddings in Florida don’t have to look cheap. As a matter of fact, you can have a very lavish but affordable beach wedding right here on the Gulf Coast of Florida and have incredible memories to show for it! The Florida Sun Weddings team has been setting the stage for unforgettable moments for over a decade. Below, we go through what makes our experience unique and allows us to offer you an affordable beach wedding.

Luxurious Locations at an Affordable Price

Although we offer affordable beach wedding packages, the incredible beaches we have to choose from are part of what creates an unforgettable moment for our couples and their guests. Florida Sun Weddings offers wedding planning services on the Gulf Coast’s most beautiful beaches and gives you a customized set-up for your special day. The unique horizons, calming sounds of breaking waves, and gorgeous sunsets are just a few reasons your wedding day will impress guests and leave you with fun memories. Not to mention, it gives the opportunity for spectacular wedding photos!

Customized Meets Affordable

In most cases, customization and personalization means a significant increase in price. However, when it comes to your wedding day, Florida Sun Weddings keeps your price manageable while tailoring your ceremony set specifically to your preference. With so many unique and affordable beach wedding packages to choose from, you can find what you like from each and we’ll create your own personalized beach wedding package!

Vendors, Things to Do, and More

Bringing couples together for over a decade has also allowed Florida Sun Weddings to build a dependable and friendly network of vendors that are easy on your checkbook. We have many recommended options for all aspects of your wedding. Part of what makes your Florida destination wedding vacation more valuable are the many things to do in the area. Sticking around for your honeymoon saves money on traveling and gives you more time to spend together.

Our goal is making your wedding day a breeze without breaking the bank! Helping hundreds of couples make their wedding day unforgettable, we know how to handle every situation. If you’re looking for an affordable beach wedding, reach out to the Florida Sun Weddings team today!

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